Everlost Reading Response

The book I’m currently reading is a mystery/ fantasy book called Everlost by Neal Shusterman. The story surrounds two children named Nick and Allie who died in a car crash, and now their souls are trapped in a place between life and death known as Everlost. Although the concept interested me on its own, something interesting has happened during my last few readings of the book. So far in the book, Nick and Allie have managed to find a sort of sanctuary where they are safe from the dangers of Everlost, but they surprisingly decide to leave this place after learning about ways to interact with the living. This is very important to the plot for two main reasons. The first being that after they leave the sanctuary, they are making themselves vulnerable to the dangers in Everlost. The second reason being that they where told that “Influencing the living world could only lead to danger and misery,” (page 142) therefor the two main characters are at even more risk. The reason they do this is because, even though they know they are at risk, they are determined to find a way to communicate with their living family.


Communicating with the living, though, is not their main quest. As I mentioned before, they are on a quest to get their lives back. In my opinion, I think they wont be able to come back to life because they wont have a physical body to come back as. Rather than finding their way back to life, I think they will find their way to the book’s version of heaven or the afterlife, and they will finally be able to rest in peace. If the author does find a way to make it seem logical that Nick and Allie come back to life, I would be even more impressed with this amazingly intriguing story.


Stolen from his home, Shmuel doesn’t want to stay

The soldiers treat him as a slave

Left with a single friend, with whom he wants to play

His freedom was the price he had to pay

He’s forced to follow the path the soldiers pave

Stolen from his home, Shmuel doesn’t want to stay

He bets tomorrow will be the same as today

Each day feels like he’s digging his own grave

Left with a single friend, with whom he wants to play

He always thinks about running away

but with the constant threat of death, he cant misbehave

Stolen from his home, Shmuel doesn’t want to stay

He wants to be on the other side of the fence, if he may

His lost freedom is what he craves

Left with a single friend, with whom he wants to play

To him, the world always seems grey

Surrounded by the nazis, he will never be safe

Stolen from his home, Shmuel doesn’t want to stay

Left with a single friend, no longer shall they play.



Marraige Equality

I do not accept as true that only heterosexual couples have the right to marry in many parts of America. This is an important topic because it is a right as American citizens to marry, no matter what the gender couple. If we are going to stay true to the declaration of independence, which practically made this country, then we must remember that everyone is entitled to their own pursuit of happiness.

    What ever happened to equal human rights? Just because someone has a different gender preference does not mean they should be treated with different rights than everyone else. We are all human, therefore deserve the same and equal rights. It is even stated in the constitution, “all men are created equal”. Don’t we think that because we live in America, it is important that we should follow the constitution? In order to preserve the importance of the constitution, we should at least keep the importance of equal rights, even if someone has different gender preferences.

    In addition, has anyone considered the fact that denying gay marriage could send the wrong message? Denying gay couples the right to marry could send the message that they are inferior, and that it is acceptable to discriminate against them. This is an important issue because children, who are easily impressionable, could wind up growing up with a fixed belief that it is ok to discriminate people based on who they are. This could also lead to a future of even more intolerance than what we see today, and not just at gay marriage.

Although many people deny gay marriage because it is part of their religious beliefs to think of it as wrong, their religious freedom does not give them the right to choose the lifestyle of others. The freedom to express religious beliefs is not defined as allowing people to discriminate, harass, and decide they lifestyle choices of others.

Others might argue that allowing same gender couples to marry may lead to further alterations to the definition of marriage, therefore also leading to things such as interspecies marriage and polygamy. Although this is a good reason to be concerned, the definition of marriage is redefined as society’s attitudes evolve, and the majority of Americans support gay marriage. This does not mean they support interspecies marriages or polygamy.

It is important to remember that there was a time not too long ago when inter-racial marriages were illegal in many states. As society grew to accept equal marriage rights then, it is growing to accept it now. Just as law changed to the protect the rights of marriage choice then, it seems logical to assume it will soon change to protect the rights of same sex couples as well.